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Your Bathroom-love it or hate it?

When you look at your bathroom what do you love about it? The color? The fixtures? The amenities? Do you have a soaker tub? A jetted tub? Clawfoot or no tub? If you could redesign it what would you add or remove? If you plan to relax in this sanctuary keep the colors simple and calm. Blues, creams and tans work well in achieving that feel. Keep in mind, bright colors give a vibrant energy to the space. Though often used in children's bathrooms, perhaps calmer colors will help with the bedtime routine.


How do you choose the colors for your home? There are so many beautiful color combinations that it can be very confusing. Start with a inspiration piece, something that you love or you love the color combo. Build your space around that whether you include the piece or not. If you don't have an inspiration pillow, rug or other item, visit pinterest. Pin all photos that you love and then review them. You should see a pattern emerge. Use that as your inspiration and run with it. If you need assistance contact me and I'll put together a Custom Virtual Idea Board. Your GPS (gorgeous, purposeful, simple)to the perfect space!

To every season

I am a seasonal changer. In the past I have changed out curtains, pillows rugs, and decor with each season. I love doing that! However you end up with a significant amount of "stuff". This was never more apparent to me than when we moved. As all of our belongings were "staged" on the front lawn and driveway and then again when they were moved into our new home. Yikes, I might have a problem. However this new home has plantation shutters everywhere, so no need to change curtains. There is not nearly as much storage so I will definitely have to reduce the amount of decor pieces in my possession. The question is, how to decide what stays and what goes? This is the tricky part. I'll let you know


Do you consider yourself a trendy person? Or are you a trend setter? Have you checked out the design trends for 2017? Here is my advise about trends. Use them in small inexpensive ways. Pillows, decor pieces and paint are changeable. When you put too much cash into a couch or chair it is not easy or cheap to change those pieces. If you're a gazillionaire, well you are probably not reading this. If you are reading this, I stand by my advise. Have what you love and love what you have. However, if you are ready for a change go with easy and less expensive to replace/update items.

Creativity is an interesting thing

What is your biggest design dilemma? Color choices, style, decor options or furniture placement? Everyone struggles with something, even designers and decorators. It is easier for me to walk into a clients home and put it together than it is, at times to create my own space. Why is that? I think it is that "fresh eyes" thing. Seeing a client space for the first time, whether in person or photos, I can visualize the space. Where the furniture should go, colors and styling options. Sometime in "our" space...well there it is right there. "Our" space! My hubby occasionally has an opinion, say what?!?! And so out the window go some of my ideas. As I tell my clients, your space should reflect ALL


Have you ever had your own business? Being a business owner is an interesting opportunity. The thing I have noticed with my business is that it has evolved. It has changed and morphed as I have engaged with clients. That is a good thing...it fact it is a GREAT thing! I am still doing consultations for home staging and styling and writing books, but the prE-Design virtual idea boards have become THE most popular service item. This gives you the opportunity to have your plan, your GPS if you will. Gorgeous, Purposeful and Simple. You receive the virtual idea board and the source list at a reduced price, when compared to the Custom Virtual Idea Boards. The other advantage my clients have shared

There is no place like Home

Little by little our house is becoming our home. Its seems like it is taking forever to get things just how I want them. And I am not always very patient! One of the +/- of this home is...there really isn't anything to do to it. Plantation shutters EVERYWHERE, including the garage. Paint colors are perfect. Finishes-LOVE them! So really it is just a matter of going through my V A S T quantity of decor and determining what I want to keep and what to sell in our upcoming garage sale. Wonderful "problems" to have. I am grateful everyday to live in this home!

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