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Looking to the New Year

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. As we look towards the new year, what do you have planned? Yes, planned. How many of us just let life happen? Take some time and plan 2017. Goals, events and things you want to achieve. And then the difficult part for many...holding yourself accountable. If you take the time to do this, you will have a wonderful and productive year! Now start that list.

The Stockings were Hung...

Do you have a mantle? They seem so very important this time of year! It is the where stockings are hung and filled with treats. It is usually the focal point of the room. Not everyone has a mantle and I have seen some very creative options. Here are a few ideas: The railing on the stairs A wall hanging coat rack with hooks The back of a bench The back of a chair Whatever you choose, make it festive!

Ornaments and Memories

The tree is lit and decorated and I so enjoy looking at it! It is covered in memories. Ornaments that were our parents, some we gave to our children when they were young and Santa's from our trips to Bethlehem Pennsylvania. Do you have special ornaments?

Repair or Replace

"Oh, my the family will be here soon! I should have the great room repainted. And then there is the flooring in the kitchen that I HATE! I need to have that replaced... and the drapes in the guest room are, well just old and ugly!" Does this sound familiar? Those of us in the home improvement realm are usually busy this time of year. All those repairs, changes or enhancements that folks consider throughout the year become suddenly imperative! It might seem counter intuitive for me to suggest that you not stress about those things. I do benefit from the desire to have everything perfect. Try to keep things in perspective and savor the time with those you love.


Lights are a beautiful part of the Christmas season! They add so much to the spirit and feeling that we seek. Memories flood our mind as we decorate, celebrate and prepare for that special day. Enjoy every moment of Christmas time.

Delightful December

Welcome to the party December! We've missed you. You bring a certain style with you. We are glad you are here. Are you ready? It will be here and gone before we know it. :( Keep that in mind as you make plans. Remember to ENJOY! What is your favorite part of the season?

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