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Wall Décor Wednesday

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder! Art is art if you love it! Not because someone else says so, but because you say so. Some of my favorite art is done by my 15 fabulous grandchildren. So find art you love or create it and display it with confidence! It helps to share who your family is and tell the story only you can write.

Clean and crisp!

White dishes and tableware have such a clean and crisp look. It can be the center of attention or can surround the showpiece and give it center stage. I have had patterned and color and I just love how the meal looks on white. What do you think?

It's for the Children

If you want to go a little "crazy" with color and design a children's bedroom is the perfect place. However keep color in mind. The wall color should be soft so as to not interfere with sleep. Décor can and should be fun and interesting. Include them in the process.

Wall Décor Wednesday

I love unique wall décor. Taking something out of the ordinary and turning it into a wall hanging can guarantee you won't see it in anyone else's home. What interesting item have you adorned your walls with?

Oh, hail!

We have had some pretty amazing hail storms in my neck of the woods. It's typical of this part of the country and MANY neighbors and friends are replacing roofs, windshields and windows. Be sure to maintain your home and keep it in the best possible condition! It is a huge investment both in money and memories.

Read this!

I am currently working on two books and a trademarked staging course. It is extremely exciting and a true labor of love! Keep an eye out for the release date!

Frame it up!

Add texture and character to any space with decorative and/or aged frames. Add photos or art to complete the look. They also look great leaning against the wall or on a shelf. Choose different sizes, color and shapes for the ultimate style and design. Give it a try and share your looks.

What do you see?

Does your home have curb appeal? Do you love the look of your home as you pull in the driveway? Take a drive through your neighborhood or an area that you love for landscaping ideas. It doesn't take much to take your curb appeal from plain to insane!

Can you See Clearly?

Is this how you see your home? Sometimes we see our style and design in a fuzzy fashion. It becomes part of our environment and landscape and we cease to see the details. Yet when we see a style and design that we love we devour it like a delicious strawberry. We take in the color, texture and pattern. Take a moment and devour your space! Choose a room and look for and at the details. The shapes and hues as well as the placement. I'm sure you will be delighted at what you find.

BeUgly and After

I made over this ugly dresser and put it in the bedroom we have set up for our granddaughter's when they visit. I love how it turned out! Before you discard items see if you can make them over for a spot in your home.

Keep it Clean

I love to do laundry. I realize not everyone does. Make your space fun, cheery or whatever you like and that will help you get it done! It might make it even pleasant.

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