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It just feels...off

You know, when you have that space...and it is nice. Even pretty maybe, but it just feels...off? Is it the artwork or the pillows? or maybe its the wall color, or lack there of! No I think its the furniture placement. Aaaahhhhh!!! I don't know!! This is a design dilemma for sure!! And this is where I come in! Ta da!! Even if you live in a different location, I can help! No, I won't leap your tall building in a single bound, but through the miracles of technology I can help. If this is something you need, just send out the Bat signal... I mean email or comment below!

What are your favorites?

If you look closely you will two things that I love! Flowers and chocolate! Now I will say I don't normally consider chocolate a decorative item, however sometimes you just have to have it out where you can see it! Side note: I LOVE using cute pitchers as vases. I adore the character they add.

The original color wheel

Plants and flowers are a beautiful way to add color to a space. Nature is the first and most accurate color wheel. So when you are decorating a space and you are stuck with how to add color, think nature!

Whatcha readin'?

Are you taking time to read? What are you currently reading? Whether you read for learning, growth or enjoyment take some time to relax and read.

But what IS my Style?

So you are not sure what style you like? Try going to pinterest or Houzz or google for that matter and save images that you like. You will probably see some consistent themes. White kitchens, or contrasts of dark floors with light walls, etc. This will help you arrive at a style. Still can't figure it out? Contact me and I'll help you out!

Your home, your style

There are SO many options when it comes to decorating your home. Modern, contemporary, traditional, transitional, industrial, farmhouse, to name a few. But the most important style of all is YOURS! Include pieces that you love and enjoy, pieces that mean something to you and your family. That will make it home.

Hello, calm streets of Greece...

How would you like to live on this street? Oh, my goodness! Is this beautiful or what?! I saw this picture and I instantly relaxed. What colors help you relax?

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