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Rinse and spit!

No, I'm not going to talk about a toothache or cavity. I have the honor and pleasure of redesigning a dental office that has not been redecorated since...the eighties or nineties!!! It is..._____you fill in the blank! We are almost done with the design and then the work begins. I will be posting pictures so check back.

They are a family...

The wedding was perfect and they are perfectly happy! Phew! Now back to business. Be sure to check out the next post for info on my latest project!

And so it begins...

This week is kind of crazy! What week isn't right? Our daughter is getting married on Saturday. She was married for 8 years and has two wonderfully fabulous children. After a year and a half she has found a great guy with two adorable daughters and they are getting married. I am so happy that she and my precious grands are happy!! Plus we get a new son in law and 2 granddaughters!! As some of you know, we have 15 grandchildren 8 boys, 7 girls. With the addition of these sweet girls, the girlies now take the lead!! We are a bit of a competitive family! So it is a crazy, busy, happy week! What's on you schedule?

Where's by homework?

Organization is the key to finding what we need when we need it. If you have a spot for backpacks, shoes, jackets etc. then life is smooth as silk! In a perfect world! Seriously though, it does make morning easier. Having said that, also make your cute children accountable for their things. They can do it and should do it. Responsibility and expectation are important for children to learn. A great woman once said "by the time YOU think your kids are old enough to do something, they have no interest in doing it"! Have a wonderful school year!!


It's almost that time of year. Back to School with all the sales and supply lists and shopping and prepping and lunch packing and busy schedules and SO much more. Are you ready? Consider setting up a "command center" where you can place items that go to school the next day. There are so many ideas on pinterest. Plan a schedule that includes preparing for school the night before. This will make mornings so much less crazy. Do you have some great ideas for being prepared for school? Leave me a message and then...Do what you can and then, relax!

GPS for decorating

Time is something that most people struggle with, right? Not enough time to do everything we want or need to get done. Have you heard of my GPS SERVICE? Gorgeous Product Sourcing. You need a coffee table, drapes, lighting or whatever. Let me know size, style and color and I will send you up to 5 perfectly gorgeous examples complete with price and where to purchase! What could be easier? Well, nothing of course! Go to the "Shop" tab and order it there. Then send me an email with the information.

The kitchen...

I have spoken to so many women in my age category..."seasoned" that LOVE a beautiful kitchen even though they hate to cook! Perhaps it is because we cooked for many years for our families and now it is just the "two of us". It doesn't seem as fun or as necessary to dirty a sink full of pans. This is most likely the very reason we love a gorgeous kitchen. At least we'll have something lovely to look at, right? What are your thoughts on cooking? Love or hate? Or you just do it? Let me know.

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