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Comfy, cozy contrast

I have an affection for contrast as mentioned in a previous post. However many times, and mistakenly we think of modern when we think contrast. Sterile white and black, feeling cold and somewhat plain. This space is a good example of contrast that has warmth and a homey feel.


Now we can relax a little. Read a book wrapped in a pretty throw and sip hot chocolate. Ok that might be a dream! But as I have mentioned, try to enjoy and savor the moments!


Head over to my facebook page to see the specials! (Lynn Wilson Interiors)PM me to place your order. Happy Shopping!!

With a grateful heart

Thanksgiving is just a few days away. I am grateful for those of you that visit and read this blog. I am grateful for my faith, family and friends of which you are counted among. Make you have a peaceful day shared with those you love. Take some time today to count your blessings. Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey, look we match!

You've decorated for the season. You've invited your guests. The menu is planned and the only left is to set the table...but you don't have enough matching plates!! The style has been retired and e bay doesn't have any either. Now what??? Take a deep breath and mix and match! Friends, its not about the place setting it really isn't. I cover this in my book "Your Divine Dwelling", its about the friends, the memories and that's all!! So don't skip an opportunity to create a memory because of something as silly as place settings or glassware or even FOOD! I promise those that love you do not care about any of that! So relax a little and create memories!

Left, no right...Green, no orange...

Do you have a difficult time choosing colors or styles for your home? What about furniture placement or curtains? Solid or print? Bold or muted? Mid century or transitional? Aaahhhhh!!!! Make it stop!! If this is you, I can help! Email me at lynn@lynnwilsoninterior.com and let me help you with your design dilemma.

Yay!! It's over!!

I am one of those strange people that HaTeS Halloween!! I hate the ghoul and the ghosts of the holiday. So now it is just fall with Thanksgiving on the horizon. Once you have your plan in place for the celebration, think ORGANIZING!! Say WHAT? I know you are busy but you will thank yourself when Christmas gifts must find a home and there is a spot for them!

Tick, tock...

Where does the time go? It is already November 2nd!!! How is that possible? Don't forget to turn you clocks back this weekend! Are your ready for Thanksgiving? If the past month is any indicator, Thanksgiving is tomorrow! At least it will feel that way! Our fall décor has been out for awhile and now my thoughts are turning to Christmas. I will "try" not to purchase anything new. I'll let you know how that goes.

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