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How does your garden grow?

I do not have a green thumb by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I think I can actually hear the plants saying "don't choose me, don't choose me, PLEASE don't choose me"!! But I do LOVE beautiful gardens and flowerbeds. So I find lovely flowering plants and try to keep them alive. Improving your surroundings with flowers and blooming plants makes every neighborhood better. And I know that spending time in nature is a wonderful, spiritual experience.

Staging Tip

Have a set of towels that you display ONLY for an open house or a showing. White is great because it is clean and crisp. If a color towel works better in your space, choose either a light color or go for contrast. It will make a statement!

I was floored!

I love viewing model homes. It's great inspiration as well as just plain fun! I saw these beauties at a model and I just love the look of these floors. What do you think? I love the variety of color, width and just everything about them. What type of flooring do you love?

White and Light

I love the look of a clean, crisp white kitchen. Light reflecting and it just feels so fresh and open. Now here is my dilemma. I can't LIVE with or in an ALL WHITE room! Trust me friends, I've tried. But I just LOVE color! So if you are like me, start with light floors, walls and cabinetry. Then add color in you dishes, artwork, rug and utensils. That way you can still have the crisp feeling AND enjoy you love for color.

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