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It's personal

Today we celebrate 41 years of marriage. How is that possible? Where has the time gone? We have been blessed with 4 children, 17 grandchildren, fun times, struggles and love...lots and lots of love.

GET OUTside!!

I know for some of you Mother Nature has not been kind! However, when she changes your mind and the weather if lovely...go...enjoy! What is your favorite type of outdoor furniture? This furniture we brought with us from Minnesota. I do like it however in last years hail storm it got beat up some, so I am on the look out for something new. I would love to hear your ideas and go to.


What inspires you in your design style or your color palette? Nature has THE most beautiful color palette imaginable! These photos represent much of what speaks to me and I try to incorporate them into my home.

In the Shadows

I saw this on the sidewalk a few weeks back and had to stop and capture it. How many such wonders do we pass every day? I was listening to uplifting words and perhaps that is why I noticed. Inspiration, wonders whatever you want to call this are everywhere every day. Let's slow down a little and take note of the things and people around u

Quitting...its not always black and white

I started this post with the intention of encouraging you to not quit...but then as I explored it a little I realized there are some things that you and I should quit. Should you Quit! Quit what? Well my friends that is up to you! Whatever it is don't you quit, unless you have considered all options AND prayed about it. (my personal course of action) They say winners never quit, and quitter never win. But that is not true, winners quit all the time. Seth Godin says "they just quit the right things". What are your thoughts on quitting?

Contrast is my jam!

If you have read my blog posts you know how much I love contrast! Perhaps that is why all neutral doesn't work for me.(see previous post) I saw these pictures at the store and had to snap a pic. My kitchen is high contrast with a dark brown on the walls with a slight creamy white cabinets. My guest room is white with mid to dark blue. The guest bathroom is shades of neutral...and...I don't like it!! Must add contrast and color!! Do you love contrast? Tell me your thought...

What is restful to you?

What is restful to you? Which of these rooms speaks to you? I love both!! However, I love color too much to live with the neutral one. I "pin" neutrals, I take pictures of neutral spaces, I sometimes DrEaM of neutrals. I cannot, not have color. What is your favorite color palette?

Change is good!

I was fortunate enough to find these dining room chairs for FREE! There are 8 in total. The solid fabric is going on the chairs. The floral is on a band on my drapes and I will be making a table runner. I'll post a picture when completed. What changes have you made?

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