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Creativity is an interesting thing

What is your biggest design dilemma? Color choices, style, decor options or furniture placement? Everyone struggles with something, even designers and decorators. It is easier for me to walk into a clients home and put it together than it is, at times to create my own space. Why is that? I think it is that "fresh eyes" thing. Seeing a client space for the first time, whether in person or photos, I can visualize the space. Where the furniture should go, colors and styling options. Sometime in "our" space...well there it is right there. "Our" space! My hubby occasionally has an opinion, say what?!?! And so out the window go some of my ideas. As I tell my clients, your space should reflect ALL those that reside in the area you are creating. I will admit that sometimes he is right, and other times I let him think he is right. ;) Either way, let others take part in the creation of your space. It will make a difference in how they feel and the ownership that they take.

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