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My Philosophy

If you follow me you understand my decorating philosophy. If you are new, here it is! Simply put, it is YOUR home it should be YOUR style! What do I mean by that exactly? Keep, use and display those things that mean something to you or serve your family. You can add trendy, inexpensive pieces here and there, but those unique items are what makes your home, yours! It's kind of my thing, my passion if you will and I am currently putting together some videos to help you understand and feel comfortable with this concept. And YES there are those that do not feel comfortable with this...yet! Stay tuned for more information on this!

Speaker, author, stylist and more

Did you know that I do speaking as well as writing books and working with clients? I love sharing my passion and knowledge! We many times underestimate the power of our environment. How our spaces look and feel are so important to our well being.

He said WHAT?

This is a recent conversation I had with a new client. "I worked with an interior designer several years ago. The process went ok until install day. He was doing his design thing when I reminded him that my husband and I had a sentimental décor piece that we wanted to use in the room. We had mentioned it to him during the design phase and his response then was...we'll see. His reply left us speechless! He said, no way are you going to ruin MY beautiful design with THAT!" Friends, that is EXACTLY why I do what I do! Home and family are THE most important thing to me! Your home should feel like YOUR home!! Seems obvious, doesn't it?!?! I help my clients put together colors, style and pieces th

Take a look around...

Do you see things as they really are? What I mean by that is, your space, your environment. After we spend some time in an area, we tend to not "see" all that is there. Take an inventory of your home, office or wherever you spend a significant amount of time. Does it appeal to you? What is there that you have not really noticed? Does it serve you? Make the necessary changes and you will feel at peace.

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