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It's too painful!

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? Red and pink hearts are everywhere! In the stores, restaurants, and front doors. I love a little color that holidays bring to our surroundings. If you have children it's almost a must! What about gifts? Do you exchange with your significant other?

About 15 years ago I happened to be shopping on Valentine's day for something completely unrelated to the day. It was about lunch time and I noticed that the store was occupied by more men than usual. They had panic written all over their faces as they darted from one department to another. It was sad, really. I called my husband to see if he had been shopping yet. Well we know there is NO right answer to that question! After a long pause, he said "no". I told him to forget it! It was too painful watching these men in a panic and I knew he loved me. We had a lovely dinner and just spent time together.

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