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What is a prE-Design™

I offer custom E-Designs to my clients and they are just that, custom. So what is a prE-Design™? It is a design that I have created that is not custom to you but is adaptable to any space. The price difference is the key with this design.

You want to style your home office and you don't know where to start. You see the board above and you like the elements but black and white is not your color jam. Substitute it for a navy and white or yellow and gray whatever you like. You see this gives you the plan, the map if you will and you can adapt it to your color preference. When you opt for the prE-Design™ you save $176!

If you are interested, just go to the SHOP page. Purchase the prE-Design™ and then CONTACT me with the room that you desire and an email where to send it. You should have it in you inbox within 2 business days, usually sooner. And that is it! You are on your way to a beautiful space hassle free!

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