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Inside and out!

Decorating and design are not for the inside only! As I have mentioned many times, your curb appeal and your backyard are as important to the enjoyment of your environment as is the inside! Use colorful pots, flowers and patio furniture. This is a great place to use the colors that you love but scare you a little! Be adventurous and creative. It truly is an extension of your living space. Enjoy the outdoors!

It's simple, but not always easy

I love the simplicity of this look. It's clean and crisp but still has some texture and interest. It is not always easy to pull off a look like this. What is too much and when is it too little. We ask the opinion of others and we worry. Then we add to or take away from and then we panic and go back to the original arrangement. So here is the answer RELAX. Enjoy your space, it is after all YOUR SPACE and those you share a dwelling with. Those are the only opinions that truly matter. So experiment, go out on a limb. As someone once said "that is where the fruit is"!

Color and You!

I LOVE this picture! Why you might ask. Because of the individuality of each home. They aren't all the same. They went for it! They said this is who we are and we are not afraid to tell the world! Are you afraid to be you? We can show our individuality in a tasteful manner and be true to ourselves and our style. Now this might be a little much for you. If so start with the landscape or the front door. You might even consider the patio or deck. Let your environment speak to you and about you. As I have said before your home should and does tell your story. Is it telling the your story your want?

Take a walk about

Are you feeling uninspired? You want to make your home feel more spring-like but you don't know where to start? Lace up your shoes and go for a walk. Nature is the queen of inspiration! Pay close attention to the cloud formations, the shades of green in the foliage you stride past. What color combinations in gardens or color palettes on homes draw you in? When you look, really look at what is around you every day you can't help but be inspired! And you've had a little exercise in the process. Win-Win!!

Be our guest, be our guest!

Have you ever spent the night in your guest room? Is it what you thought it would be? We should do our guests a favor and sleep there a night or two. Do you need new pillows? Is it warm/cool enough? Is there a spot for them to place their suitcase, shoes etc.? (Is the closet full of boxes from your move 7 months ago?) Perhaps a little TOO personal! Think about the items you love to find when you stay at a hotel.Shampoo, body soap, fresh towels and sometimes bottled water. Consider a tray with bottled water, a small snack, a pen, note paper, the internet password and fresh flowers. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Side by Side

Finding just the right side table is huge! Well not necessarily the side table but the acquisition of said side table. It seems they are too high or too low. I need round and I can only find square. Right size, wrong color. Every place to sit needs some sort of side or accent table. We need a place for the remote, phone, a book and or a glass. Take it from me people when you find it, GET IT!

STE-RIPES & Contrast

I LOVE stripes and contrast. There is just something crisp and clean about this look. And you can't go wrong with a bowl of fruit and fresh flowers! Not to mention I could get a lot of reading and resting in that comfy chair. What do you think of this space?

What is a prE-Design™

I offer custom E-Designs to my clients and they are just that, custom. So what is a prE-Design™? It is a design that I have created that is not custom to you but is adaptable to any space. The price difference is the key with this design. You want to style your home office and you don't know where to start. You see the board above and you like the elements but black and white is not your color jam. Substitute it for a navy and white or yellow and gray whatever you like. You see this gives you the plan, the map if you will and you can adapt it to your color preference. When you opt for the prE-Design™ you save $176! If you are interested, just go to the SHOP page. Purchase the prE-Design™ an

Small spaces

It can be a bit difficult to style small spaces. Especially if you are purchasing new furniture. There you are standing in the GIGANTIC showroom/warehouse and the concept of size and space goes right out the window. "This table looks perfect!" you say. That is until you get it home and it is half again the size of the space. Take measurements of your room as well as a picture on your phone. This will help greatly when you are purchasing furniture. Now you may be saying, "a duh!!" Well, yes, however you would be surprised how many folks don't think about that. Sometimes because they just happened to be out and decided to stop. Know your numbers, people!

I have no words...

My second book Your Divine Dwelling: The Spiritual Aspect of Interior Design was published last summer. It was a book I felt "called" to write. I received this text from my almost 12 year old granddaughter. Guess what Gg? I finished reading your book Your Divine Dwelling. I really liked it. It inspired me to be more clean and organized. GOOD JOB GG. My friends it does not get better than that! My heart is so full! I love this girl with all my heart! For her to have the interest and time to read my book, and then let me know that she did, and share those positive and encouraging words...I have no words. Please listen when you are "called" to do something. It will bring joy and happiness to y

My favorite spot is...

Where is your favorite spot in your home? Why did you choose that place? For many it is a comfortable chair, for others it is couch where the family gathers and others may choose the dining room or kitchen. Whatever the spot may be, why did you choose it? Once you understand what draws you in, you can create that feeling throughout your home. Contact me if you are struggling to dissect those qualities.

Tile for Miles

I had the opportunity to spend some time at the Interceramic showroom in Dallas. It is one of many "Disneyland for designers" stores that I love to visit! I took M A N Y pictures. They had some amazingly beautiful tiles and some super fun tiles. If you read my post on trends, you know that terra cotta is in. Well I didn't see much of that there. Goes to show you that consumers are NOT so ready to jump on that bandwagon just yet. But I will say, I love me some tile!

Sharing my passion

I am working on two books right now and I am so excited about both of them. My goal is for my readers to get something out of them. To feel more comfortable with what is my complete and total passion. Design can be overwhelming for many people. They don't know where to start or what they like. I love to help guide folks to a space that is all about "them". My plan is to have both books published by the end of the year. They will be added to this sight for purchase as well as on Amazon. Are you living your dream and your passion?


I share a lot about heirlooms and pieces that add character to a space. Items that tell a story. It is said that we are living/raising the Ikea generation. Now don't get me wrong I LOVE Ikea and I believe that there is a place for everything. Your heirlooms and Ikea pieces can and should live together. Happily! The problem lies in the fact that that "generation" is not interested in the décor from the past. I believe STRONGLY that this is what makes your house a home. The very thing that keeps it from looking like a "display". Help, encourage, and teach those around you to incorporate history into their design. Someday they will thank you.

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