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Flowers are my thing!

I love fresh flowers! They add such a lovely touch to a home. They also have special meaning to me as my father sent me flowers on my birthday every year until I was 25 years old. He stopped then because I was married and had children of my own. My father passed away in 2005 just 3 months before a "special" birthday. He told my mother before he died, " this is a special birthday so PLEASE remember to send Lynn flowers from me." She did...so he did and I was moved to tears. I love fresh flowers.

To trend or not to trend...?

I had another great client question I wanted to share with you. "I know that the farmhouse look is SO big right now, but it's just not my thing. Do I need to change my style to fit the trend? I don't want to be "out of it" style wise." The short answer is NO!!! As I reminded my client it's your home so it should be our style! It needs to speak to, support and serve YOU! If you want to add a few pieces that speak to a trend, that works. You should never feel you need to change with the trends especially if they are not your style. Be authentic!

What if I love it?

If you follow me on facebook, then you already know the story here. I have a client that fell in love with a chair, but she was not sure it would work in her space. But it was comfortable and she loved the color and the lines and the style and SHE LOVED IT! Ok, that is in caps for a reason...If your home is styled with things you love it will work. If your home was designed by someone else with their tastes, then maybe think about it...their tastes, not the chair! Your home should reflect YOU not your DESIGNER!! YOU SHOULD LOVE IT! And if I might add this, stop decorating your home for other people! How do YOU want YOUR home to feel and look? THAT my friends is what is important. Yes, you mi

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