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Rain, rain...at least you're not SNOW

It's another rainy day in Texas. For many of you it's another SNOWY day! When I see what my friends in Minnesnowta are dealing with I am indeed grateful that it's just rain! What do you do on a rainy day/snowy day? Well it is a great time to assess your abode. Does it feel like you? Does it serve you well? How do you "feel" when you pull in your driveway or get out of bed in the morning? Make a list of your feelings and/or of the items that just don't serve you and your family. Then strive to correct those issues. If you are struggling to do that, message me. Stay warm and dry friends!

Valentines day!

Do you and your sweetheart celebrate Valentines Day? We do not. Many years ago I found myself in a department store on Valentines day. The store was filled with men, men with a look of PANIC on their faces! They would pick up an item, look at it, put it back and hurry on to something else. FEAR gripped them!! I called my husband and asked if he had purchased anything for Valentines day...there IS no correct answer to that question! He sheepishly said no. I said "Good, forget about it. I know you love me and the scene I am watching is so painful. I don't want you to worry about it". I'm sure he thought it was a trick at first, but really why are we buying "stuff" because the retailers tell u

The BEST Organization System Ever!

Are you feeling the need to "get it organized"? To purge? To make your environment attractive and functional? I don't know about you, but when my house is out of order, my brain feels out of order! Maybe its the ADD but I just can't seem to focus on things when I am in chaos! And sometimes that chaos and lack of focus make it extremely had to get started...because WHERE do I start?? Here are a few things that work for me and then I will tell you THE BEST Organization system EVER!! What works for me: I ask myself the following questions- 1. What area is causing me the most amount of frustration? 2. Can it be solved/organized/beautified quickly? 3. Can a few changes help until I have time for

Faith and Decor

Faith and Decor I did a presentation for high school girls of faith. They are looking forward to graduation and then college. With that brings excitement, joy, some sense of fear of the unknown and adult life. This of course applies to all of us. We all can have a sense of excitement, joy and fear of the unknown regardless of our age or stage in life. With that in mind, we discussed how to create a space that invites the spirit. A few of the ideas we discussed: 1.Surround yourself with images of your faith, be it artwork, sculptures or quotes. They serve as a visual reminder of what makes us strong. 2. This does not have to be expensive. You can be create your own artwork by being crea

Your Divine Dwelling

My book "Your Divine Dwelling" was truly a labor of love. I hope you are inspired. Learn how your home, décor and accessories is a good indicator of what is important to your family. Its not about trends, its about your family's core. It is about form, function and faith. Priorities, principles and people. Your home tells your story. Is it saying what you want it to say? Your Divine Dwelling will guide you room by room in an easy to follow format of how you can tell your true story. This book is not about the latest styles in home décor. It is about discovering your beliefs and how you can share those through your own personal style. Click on the shop page to order your copy.

Time Flies...

I cannot believe it is FEBRUARY! Where did January go?? It just reminds me how I need to be in the moment and savor every minute! I have a few new clients I'm working with and I'm making some changes around my homestead. I will keep you posted on that. Lots of folks are deep into decluttering. What is on your agenda?

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