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Welcome to the neighborhood!

I'm completely in love with white brick and stone! What do you think? This beauty in my neighborhood and is a new build.

Once upon a time...

Pieces with a history, a story add so much to our spaces. New is nice and beautiful, but time, experience and yes a little age is so lovely. Surround yourself with things that have meaning and that you enjoy.

Chippy goodness!

Oh, my goodness! Does this speak to you? It screams to me!!! Why I love this so much is a mystery...but I find it absolutely GORGEOUS! Do you like chipped paint?

The great debate

There is a great debate sweeping the country! Ok that might be an exaggeration but it is a debate in many households. Can you EVER have too many pillows? In the interest of couples all over this great land I'd like to settle this once and for all. The answer is NO, no you can NEVER have TOO MANY pillows! You're welcome!

Food coloring!

When you are looking for color combinations that go well together, look at your favorite foods. A beautiful palette!

Tidbit Tuesday

Tidbit Tuesday: There are lots of tips and tricks to organizing. Here is a tip we don't like to think about...remove the clutter! An incredible amount of money is spent on containers! Big ones, little ones, square and rectangle. Why? Because it is easier and less painful in the short run to just put it in something and move on. Take some time to actually get rid of things you do not need instead of purchasing a lovely container to hide it.


This was THE perfect light for my clients! I love the shape, color and simple beauty of this fixture. What do you think?

The ones that got away!

Why did I choose NOW to be more careful with my purchases?!?!?!?! URGGHH!! To make it worse...they were CHEAP!!! I could cry...

Pillows galore

It's no secret that I love pillows! They add color, texture and style to a space AND they are an inexpensive way to change a space. I call that a win-win!


When they fix one problem and create another!

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