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Just a peek

I love the peacefully beauty of this dining area. The shades layered with those golden drapes with lovely birds and flowers. And then there is the furniture, soft and serene, yet the chairs and table contrast. What do you think of the space?

Redesign or redo

When you are planning to redo a space it is important to create a color palette. What things are staying in the space and what items are leaving? Be sure to check the color tones and be certain that new and old play nicely toge

Knock, knock...

Have you looked at your front door recently? Does it need some love? Put it on your spring to do list. As I have said before it's THE thing visitors see as they wait for you to open the door. Give them something lovely to see.

What is on the wall?

Let's be a little controversial for just a moment. Wallpaper...there I said it! Wallpaper has changed SO much and is far easier to apply and remove. However for some the trauma of wallpaper of years past is still haunting. And let's not mention the dreaded border... I have one wall in my master that has beautiful grass cloth and I love the feel that it gives the room. It adds texture, soft color and frames the bed in a lovely way. What are your thoughts on wallpaper?

Well hello,Buffalo!

I love a bold buffalo check! They seem to be prevalent as I have visited different shops and stores. They are clean and crisp in appearance and just seem happy! Are you on board the buffalo check train?

Words of Wisdom

I saw this in an art gallery in Sydney Australia. It is definitely true in decorating!

Print or digital?

Do you still have books or have you gone digital? I love having a book with me everywhere I go via my phone or tablet. But there is something about picking up a book and turning the pages be it the first time and the pages are crisp or the hundredth time and the pages are weathered. Are living room library's a thing of the past?

Organize It!

We often think of organizing in January. It's the start of the year and we want to make a clean start. If there is an area that is making you crazy...that's where to start! Take it in small chunks, say 15 minutes. For your closet you could choose to put all like colors together or all short sleeve tops in one place. Whatever works for you and how you think or how you put your outfits together. After that 15 minutes, walk away. Come back the next time you have 15 minutes available. Before you know it you will be done and can move on to the next area! Happy Organizing!!

New Year, New Look

Are you ready for a new look in your home? Perhaps its a new paint color or décor pieces. I love to change a space with pillows, throws or area rugs. And in some areas, drapes! Paint as you know is a GREAT bang for your buck! However it can be a decision that stops folks in their tracks. Start with a inspiration piece and decide on a color that works with that piece. Purchase sample sizes of paint and put it on the wall. Live with it for a few days, see it in different light and then make your choice. Whatever you decide, contact me if I can assist you. Happy "New" Space to you!!


Do you follow trends? As I have researched the 2018 trends I have found one thing to be true, it depends who you ask! Although there is some consistency most seem to be subjective. Or they are based on what the company wants us to buy. You see if we didn't have a color and style "trend" each year we would not purchase anything. My philosophy is update as necessary but surround yourself with what you love!! Mix old and new as well as things that have meaning to you and your family. Take the trends you like and reject the rest. It is your home after all.

Goals or Resolutions?

I have made resolutions over the years and within days (hours, who am I kidding)they are gone...done! Goals seem to have a longer shelf life it you will. Something to work on over time. They have more of an action plan. That may just be how my mind works. What works for you? Resolution or goal? Whichever works for you, here's to a great 2018!


It's 2018 sans Christmas décor. Have you set your goals for 2018? Some will choose health, fitness, physical health. That is always on my list. But this year I am going with a different approach. I'm focusing on my inside if you will, the spiritual part of my life. I believe if I strengthen and exercise that part of me, other things will come to be. What are you going to focus on?

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