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He said WHAT?

This is a recent conversation I had with a new client.

"I worked with an interior designer several years ago. The process went ok until install day. He was doing his design thing when I reminded him that my husband and I had a sentimental décor piece that we wanted to use in the room. We had mentioned it to him during the design phase and his response then was...we'll see. His reply left us speechless! He said, no way are you going to ruin MY beautiful design with THAT!"

Friends, that is EXACTLY why I do what I do! Home and family are THE most important thing to me! Your home should feel like YOUR home!! Seems obvious, doesn't it?!?! I help my clients put together colors, style and pieces that will work well with their lifestyle and taste. It is NEVER about me, it is ALWAYS about them! If you have had a less than favorable experience or are wanting a cohesive look, I would love to "help you love your home!"

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