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What if I love it?

If you follow me on facebook, then you already know the story here. I have a client that fell in love with a chair, but she was not sure it would work in her space. But it was comfortable and she loved the color and the lines and the style and SHE LOVED IT! Ok, that is in caps for a reason...If your home is styled with things you love it will work. If your home was designed by someone else with their tastes, then maybe think about it...their tastes, not the chair! Your home should reflect YOU not your DESIGNER!! YOU SHOULD LOVE IT! And if I might add this, stop decorating your home for other people! How do YOU want YOUR home to feel and look? THAT my friends is what is important. Yes, you might need a little guidance to put color or accessories together. But be sure you are working with someone that remembers who will live in the space!

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