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Stay at Home....please

Oh how the world has changed since my last post! We are living through a time of CoVid19 spreading, no school/home school, stay at home order, working from home, not working at's crazy. So how are you holding up?

My message today is this, focus on what you can control. Look for the positive in this situation. What have you been wanting to do but you've had no time? What can you teach your children now that we are together 24/7. I heard it said that how our children remember this time in their lives will be based on how WE get through it. If we are tense and fearful, that is what they will remember. If we look for the good things, the uplifting things in each day, we and they will see them and that is how they will look back on this time in life. Stay healthy my friends! We are in this together!

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